AXDS is a multi-disciplinary design studio established by Antonis Xenopoulos in 2003.
The studio offers quality services in the areas of design, new ideas and product development.

With a selected team of experienced and talented associates we can provide a wide spectrum of services. Having the supervision and coordination of multi-disciplinary projects we ensure the quality, the right execution and the aesthetic integrity of each project.
In every project we collaborate closely with our clients in order to achieve a result that meets all their functional, ergonomic and aesthetic requirements.
We always consider the quality of the construction/production and the materials selection in comparison with the costs in order to achieve the desirable value for money ratio.

Antonis Xenopoulos was born in Athens in 1979. He has graduated from AKTO Art &Design College in 2002 with a B.A. in Industrial Product Design by Middlesex University.
Antonis is an industrial designer experienced in both product and interior design, has innovative thinking on product development and excellent understanding on materials and structural behavior. He enjoys and believes in teamwork and always willing to be a part of a team or its leader.
Antonis shows great interest in architecture, product design &business innovation,
music (listening and playing), sailing, fishing and traveling.