The new perfumes of AGEMA are pure, natural and energy-activating products.
Designed in collaboration with Ioannis Katsinis - IKVC.
For their naming we’ve got inspired by the mythology and the stories referring to the area of Dodona. AGEMA products have strong bonds with the special characteristics of that area.
SACRED OAK and BLACK PIGEON became the names of the two perfumes and “Dodonian Liquid Aura” the name of this special product category.

The artwork on each bottle is related to their name.
The custom designed wooden cap in its natural texture expresses the purity of the product and also gives uniqueness to this simple – common perfume bottle.

The outer paper packaging is a spread. When fully folded, it secures the bottle without hiding its artwork. On the outside, it carries the identity and design elements that connect the perfumes with the rest of the company’s products.Located on the on the inside, there is further information about the production method of the product and additional advertising material.

Photography by Panagiotis Beltzinitis
Photography by Kelly Filiou
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