The interior design of this nice example of a 50’s apartment in Athens had to respect the architectural arrangement of the house and give to it a new life for its new owners.
For this task first of all we had to take care for all the critical aspects of the house such as electrical and plumbing networks, parquet repairs, new gas network installation and a new heating system. Also all the doors and windows have been replaced for maximum heating and sound insulation and energy savings.
In the same time working closely with the owners we design the new interior in a clean and contemporary way. The common living areas of the house are open with only the different height levels of the ceiling to express the boundaries of each different area-utility. The rest of the house, the more private areas, can be separated with two big sliding doors closing the entrances to the hall way that leads to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. These doors have been designed as architectural design elements of the house. The kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom have been designed according the same aesthetics and making every inch of space count in terms of utility and storage.
Photography: Antonis Xenopoulos
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