The project is related to the renovation of a professional office space, working on the registration of intellectual and industrial property. Our design goal was the functional and aesthetic upgrade of the space, through the clear organized look of a modern workplace. The functional needs of the layout combined with the large requirements for storage, set us the limits for constructions – interventions, which leave the smallest possible footprint, in a tight plan of a few square meters.
The materials and colors chosen provided the space with a modern, clean and professionally strict look. White, black, shades of gray and the natural oak color were the choices. The diagonal placement of the wood veneers as the only decorative element featured even more the clear design principal. The austerity of the gray floor and the black furniture, balanced with the warmth of the color and the natural feel of the wood. Respectively, in the area of ​​the secretariat, where the presence of natural wood is limited, wallpaper was installed on certain areas in order to keep the visual experience balanced throughout the office.

Design Team: Antonis Xenopoulos / Industrial Designer, Christina Poulmenti / Architect Engineer NTUA
Photography: Giorgos Sfakianakis

Photography by Giorgos Sfakianakis
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