Renovation of an apartment in Agia Paraskevi, Greece.

The interior design and renovation of this house had two main goals.

The first one was to complete an overhaul in many critical aspects of the house such as a new electrical network, parquet repairs, plumbing system maintenance, etc. We manage all the constructions and repairs, as we believe that taking care of all the things that you don’t see in a house, is critical for its working condition in the future.

The second goal was to transform the house from a classical style to a more contemporary one. Except from the new furniture, colors and lights, our main project for that change became the kitchen. We decided that the kitchen area would not to be a separate room anymore. So we design an open kitchen space that communicates with the dining area and the living room with the possibility to be separated in occasions by three sliding panels that are hidden inside the wall. The whole kitchen is custom made from American walnut. With our kitchen design we wanted to achieve a good ergonomically working-cooking environment-system and also to create a transitional space (from the dining area to the kitchen), an “invisible boundary or entrance”, so that the different areas be one but feel separate and not disturbing each others ambiance.

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